What a month it’s been, with all professional sports taking a hiatus from their seasons to all spring college athletics being cancelled for the year. This epidemic has not only had an effect on students day to day lives, but their escape that has been through college sports. Now what? Now what do the athletes do? Seasons have come to an end because of a virus that has rapidly taken over our world. Life as we know it has been turned upside down, but there are many efforts being made to help mend the wounds this virus has made. 

It’s easy to say that we have all been greatly affected by COVID-19, with the virus leading to transitions in everyones daily life for precautionary measures. These measures have weighed in especially for athletes and the world of sports, but for college athletes it has led to some of the biggest decisions that a young adult has to make. As rumors of canceled seasons were looming, the Ivy League was the first to confirm that they would be cancelling spring championships and the remainder of the spring sports season. From there on colleges and leagues began to follow this trend and in the middle of it all so did the NBA. It was hard to believe an entire season was cancelled with not much information on this world-wide virus. This virus has certainly changed the way student athletes view each day, specifically, Saint Joseph’s Student Athletes. 

The announcement SJU Athletic Director, Jill Bodensteiner, made inclusion of NCAA’s cancelation.

As the spring season had just began and conference play was days away, the SJU spring athletic teams were practicing daily in hopes of conquering an A10 championship. Little did they know they would not be able to compete for that conference championship. As a member of the women’s lacrosse team I got to talk to some of my teammates and their thoughts on the season. I heard from Junior Captain Anna Seifert who told me that “It is a sad time for our team, but this is a real-world issue that needs to be taken seriously”. When the news of the cancelation came, everyone’s hearts went out to senior athletes who would never be able to get their season back, or so they thought. 

Pictured above is SJU Mens Lacrosse during an intense game against Delaware.

Just a day after the cancelation of spring sports, the NCAA announced that they would grant each spring student athlete another year of eligibility. After much thought and consideration of those affected the NCAA concluded that this would only be fair. Each athlete has given so much time and dedication to their given sport, all for it to be cut short by an uncontrollable virus. This will give the chance for current seniors to finish out what they started. I heard from senior lacrosse player, Sarah Platt and talked with her on what she is most eager about. Platt said “I am excited to resume play in the fall and be able to work hard in order to win the A10 championship that we were working towards this year. I am also grateful for the opportunity to play alongside my best friends for another year and to cherish every moment because you never know when it will end.” It is true, as an athlete you are told to play every game and practice like it is your last, this virus has added value to that famous line. 

Senior Women’s Lacrosse player, Sarah Platt

With the NCAA granting spring athletes another year many questions have risen. Where will the money to enroll for a fifth year come from? Will some athletes be on scholarship and some not? The Ivy League does not allow fifth years, will they under these circumstances? Will there be a limit on roster sizes, and if so, who will be the players to get told they can’t come back? There are many unanswered questions the NCAA didn’t think of when granting an extra year of eligibility. For now, it is important to focus on being safe and healthy and with time all these questions will finally be answered.  

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