As the first semester ends you may be questioning what your moves for next semester will be. One question you may dread to ask yourself: is this major right for you or should you change majors? 

Before coming to SJU many of you may have felt pressured in high school to pick a major. To an even further extent you may still feel pressure to keep that major that you picked senior or even junior year of high school. Fortunately, that doesn’t have to be the case. It is okay to change your major! Once you’ve accepted that, you might be wondering, “how do I change my major then?”

Here’s the outlined process SJU suggests you to go through when picking your major and below is our take on using it to switch majors…

Things to keep in mind when changing your major:

  • Define the Decision
    • Acknowledge that changing your major isn’t the be all end all.
    • People change their major more than you’d think.
  • Know Yourself
    • Pick what you know you’ll enjoy.
    • Don’t just pick a major because you think it’ll get you a job in the future, pick it because you know you’ll be interested in it.
  • Make a List of Possible Majors
  • Evaluate and Decide
    • Once you’ve checked out which major you’re thinking of changing to, see if you can audit a class to see what it would actually be like.
  • Take Action and Re-Evaluate
    • Make the switch!
    • Don’t be afraid to maybe change it again.
    • Don’t rush the process and allow yourself space to explore what you’re interested in. 

After you’ve decided to change your major, the actual process of changing it is quite simple:

  • Step 1: Meet with your current advisor about your decision. Your advisor will mostly likely discuss with you what brought you to this decision. They will probably give you additional tools regarding classes you’ll take. 
  • Step 2: Fill out a Saint Joseph’s University Undergraduate Student Major Request Form. When filling it out you will be required to meet with the department chair of your previous major and the department chair of your future major (and receive both their signatures). This helps make sure that you are making the right decision for yourself and it isn’t “just a phase”. 
  • Step 3: After you’ve completed the form you then drop it off: Students changing to a major in CAS/SHSE drop off their form with the department of their new major. Students changing to a major in the HSB may drop off their form at The William F. Leahy Advising Center.
  • Step 4: After that’s done your new major department chair will assign you a department advisor and let you understand what your new major requirements are.
This is the major change request form that must be filled out to change your major.

Perspectives on changing majors: 


  • Freshmen Megan Connelly, ’23 decided to change from being a Business major to a Communication Studies major. Her expectations for her major weren’t what she had perceived them to be. Megan said she made this decision in part to “business [being] just [about] numbers and honestly I want to talk to people. I like the idea of socializing and being more engaged.”
  • Freshmen Nina DiSabella, ’23 is thinking of changing from a Chemical Biology major to an English major. She’s not making the switch just yet, but instead continuing with Gen-Ed courses next semester to see how her workload is without the overwhelming science classes.


Dr. Mike Lyons is the Chair of Communications and Media Studies and oversees major changes.
Video by Taylor Lee

I wish you the best of luck on changing your major! Make sure to reach out and use the resources SJU provides to help make the process easier on yourself.

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