Have you ever been trying to study and the seat your sitting in just isn’t doing it, I know its happened to me.As students we spend a lot of time studying and doing work… and well sitting. We have compiled some of the chairs on campus and are going to give you the pros and cons of all these chairs so maybe next time your studying will have the best place to sit. Our rating criteria is based on the comfort, atmosphere, and practicality of the chair. 

Lafarge dorm room chair

Pros: The chair is light so as far as portable that is convenient. That’s about all I can say for it. 

Cons: This chair has no cushions. No dorm room chair has a cushion why is that? It’s honestly annoying. 

Rate: 4

Library first floor quite side

Pros: Cushioned bottom makes for a comfortable bottom.

Cons: No wheels on this chair is honestly a downside considering its on carpet which is going to make moving these metal chair feet (bars) hard to move.

Rate: 7.4


Pros: Cushioned all around, great for relaxing. The arms on this are quite nice since they wrap around you. 

Cons: Low to the ground, could sink in the chair and never get out or never want to get out since it looks so comfortable.

Rate: 8.5

Library first floor

Pros: Very cushioned chair and honestly a rare find on this campus. 

Cons: Arm table thing is disproportionate to the chair and doesn’t match the aesthetic. 

Rate: 9

Science Center 

Pros: None this chair is garbage 

Cons: Attached to a desk, plastic all around. Its loud, it slams against the table every time you get up. Its hard to get into in the first place.

Rate: 3

Second floor in Merion Hall

Pros: Big and cushioned with a fun pattern to look at when you want to procrastinate. Nice arm rests.

Cons: Despite it being cushioned, the cushions are hard and would minimally give you about an hour of comfort.

Rate: 7.5

Merion First Floor

Pros: Wheels! Easy to move around in fun to play on

Cons: Back of chair is pretty stiff not much give to it. Can make you dizzy when you spinning back and forth on it all class.

Rate: 8.3

COMM room 174

Pros:  More of like a couch, lots of cushion

Cons: How are you supposed to sit on this? With the corner in-between your legs? If you do that then you don’t have a flat back because the back would also be a corner. Or are you supposed to pick a side to which you’ll only have one arm rest? doesn’t make sense to me.

Rate: 2.5


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