When enrolling for college, I never thought that I would be taking all of my classes online, but here we are.  After talking to my friends, I think we are all in agreement that it’s hard to stay focused and motivated in class while living at home. Since we are all distracted by what is going on in the outside world as well as our homes, I figured I would put together some tips on how to stay focused while continuing college virtually. For as long as I can remember, my father has worked from home and has had the ability to create a successful business from the comfort of his own home. This means that we too, can still be successful while removed from the classroom or library! I did some research and put together the best tips on staying focused and motivated while taking classes from home.

Tips on how to stay motivated:

Workspace: First and foremost, it is important to designate a quiet workspace. Yes, it’s super convenient to wake up and take our classes from the comfort of our bed or couch, however, this informal setting can easily cause distraction. If you have a desk in your room, you’re set, but some people will need to get creative. My dad was able to make me a desk out of an old tv table and piece of wood as seen below. The desk is in my bedroom which I know will always be quiet.

Limit distractions and stop procrastinating: It is possible to cut out some distractions…just like you wouldn’t go on your phone in an “in-person” class, make sure you treat virtual classes the same way. Put your phone completely out of the way during class to limit distractions. Avoid procrastination by doing your work as soon as it is assigned. If you can get your work done early in the day, you can spend the rest of the day doing the other activities you want to do.

Dress for success: If you spend the whole day in pajamas, you’ll just want to be in bed. By putting on an outfit you would normally wear to class, it will feel more like regular class. Part of my dad’s success comes from putting on a button down and jeans every day to remain “professional.”

Create a schedule that works for you: Make a new “college from home” schedule. This can include the times designated for class/office hours, study time, meal time and even designate a time for tv or social media. By making a daily or weekly schedule, you’ll feel more productive.

Source: Elyse Cubbison

Destress: The beauty of virtual classes is the amount of flexibility we have. Take a break from work by stretching outside, doing an indoor workout or even try a new recipe. Personally, I have used this time as an opportunity to make recipes that I’ve always wanted to try…if you’re looking for an easy study snack to make, you might have the ingredients to make these healthy cookies (recipe is listed below)!

Source: Elyse Cubbison

These tips have helped me stay focused and hopefully they can help you stay productive and successful while waiting out COVID-19. Stay safe and healthy!