Freshman Derek Gearheart hates the idea of eating in the noisy lunchroom.

“Silence is at a premium sometimes,” Gearheart says. “It’s a luxury to eat without someone screaming behind you.”

Lunchrooms are loud and sometimes obnoxious to eat in, and for some, a quieter place to sit is what people want.

The Campion Dining Hall offers two types of seating for students to eat in, one traditional lunch room style that is often busy and louder. The Dining Hall also offers another room that is much quieter and off to the side.

The Fishbowl, as it is often called, mainly due to its windows that surround the room is very quiet and spacious for those who dislike the tight seating in the traditional lunch room.

“It’s a lot easier to work in here because of how quiet is can get,” Freshman Sammy Balkir said. “I can write whole essays in here.”

The Fishbowl is also home to many club meetings as it is often big and quiet enough for people to speak without screaming. One will often find Fraternities and Sororities meeting there around dinner time for their pledge meetings.

Students find themselves sitting in the same spot every time because it feels more routine than the other lunch room.

“I like sitting at the same table in the same chair every day because I know it’s always going to be open and my friends know where to go without hesitation,” sophomore Suzanne Picciano says.

For those who don’t eat in the Fishbowl, the reasons can be very specific or frankly they just don’t like it.

“I prefer to eat with my friends in the main lunchroom because the Fishbowl is just too far from the food,” Freshman Will Borough says. “It’s easier to get up and get more food.”

For others, the silence is deafening, and they prefer the excitement in the louder room.

“It’s just too quiet in there,” Freshman Jack Labbe says. “I don’t want to hear myself think.”

Overall, where you sit in the cafeteria is up to preference, but the Fishbowl will always have ample seating and a quiet atmosphere for everyone.

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