We surveyed SJU students who had recently finished Business Policy to get their take on the tradition of popping champagne to celebrate completion of the course.

“I believe the popping of the champagne is not something that reflects poorly on us as an institution. First, it is safe to assume that as seniors, every student participating is of legal drinking age. Secondly, it is well known by all students how grueling a course Business Policy is, and upon completion it is reasonable to want to celebrate with the group you worked so hard with all semester. Lastly, the idea that this practice is unprofessional is quite ridiculous, as I know it to be commonplace in corporate America to celebrate promotions, mergers, and other successful business ventures with the popping of champagne. Frankly, I think professors need to loosen up and let the students have a bit of fun as they near graduation.” one recent graduate said.

Recently there has been controversy surrounding this celebration. Some teachers and faculty see this celebration as inappropriate and want the tradition to be discontinued. Is it fair for students to be celebrating the completion of this course or is it a bad look on SJU and our reputation?

Another student who answered our survey stated that it was more damaging to the school’s image to not let our students celebrate their achievements.

“It is preposterous that the school does not allow students to celebrate incredible accomplishments and it is damaging to the image of the school to not allow students the freedom to celebrate academic achievements.” 

Other students focused more on the tradition aspect of this celebration.

“It’s a tradition that should not be looked down upon as an act of harm towards the school or its reputation.”

Lastly, there were students who had short and sweet responses in favor of celebrating.

 “Let the kids CELEBRATE.” 

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