In 5 years, I will be financially independent. I will have a salary, endless bills to pay, and a 9 to 5 job. Today, I am sitting in my on-campus apartment pondering over what I will have for dinner. Growing up is right around the corner and it’s time to prepare.

As students, we take classes we feel like we have to take and others we think will prepare us for adult life. Classes like Policy are designed for that. But what about preparing for a job interview?

There are hundreds of courses you could choose when the next semester rolls around. Here are the 5 classes every student should take before entering the real world.

Public Speaking

Proper and Professional communication is one of most important skills to possess. Without them, succeeding in the workforce is nearly impossible. This not only teaches you how to stand up in front of a crowd and deliver a speech, but it will thoroughly improve your confidence, character and courage. From presenting a sales pitch to to winning over a client with convincing and compelling language, this course will give you the tools to master every interaction between co-workers, bosses, employees, and clients.

Introduction to Financial Planning

We live in a money driven world where many young adults are graduating college with a life time of debt and lack of knowledge needed to acquire financial stability. This course teaches students how to navigate common financial 

planning goals like college funding, purchasing a home and minimizing taxes. Students work to set short and long term goals to map out a successful financial future.

Joseph Mayo ’18

Computer Science I/ Web Design and Development

The working world has clearly gone digital. Computer science skills are a must in almost every career. Knowing the ins and outs of computer programming will help you stand out to future employers. In this course, you will learn the fundamentals of programming along with writing your own computer programs to be used on the internet. In Web Design and Development, you will work with video, audio, and text to create visually pleasing websites and gain a basic understanding of computer programs such as Photoshop, WordPress and JavaScript.

 Writing for Organizations ENG 263

Good writing skills are paramount as a professional person. From emails, reports, journalism, memos and everything in between, employees write everyday. Professions today are requiring these skills more than ever. In this course, you will learn and analyze various forms of writing in managing organizations. These tools will allow you to create intriguing presentations and write an impressive piece anywhere at any time.

Perspective on Leadership LEO 211

LEO stands for Leadership, ethics, and organizations. These courses teach students how to be effective leaders as well as handling and addressing social situations. Students learn how to be a fair and effective leader in the workplace and everyday life. It is important that leaders today are strong and also morally aware when addressing sensitive topics in today’s society.

Joseph Mayo ’18



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