1. The advising center 

    Credit: Saint Joseph’s University

    Located on the first floor of Barbelin, the CAS advising center is an invaluable resource for all undergrads at SJU, but it’s especially helpful for new transfer students who need an introduction to SJU’s academic programs. Counselors in the College of Arts and Sciences advising center (located on the first floor of Barbelin) can help new students understand the university’s (many) GEP requirements, and can map out a tentative semester-by-semester breakdown of the classes they need to take to graduate on time. If you would like to appeal any decisions regarding your transfer credits, the advising center should be your first stop. I came away from my first trip to the advising center feeling much more assured of the major I had chosen, and knowing that I had a reliable place to go should I have any new questions.

    2.The transfer mentor program

    Transfer mentors at SJU students who have already adjusted to SJU after transferring from other universities and have volunteered to provide peer-to-peer advising and support to new transfer students. Most transfer mentors are introduced at New Student Orientation at the beginning of each semester, and provide their contact information to new transfers who may have questions about anything from getting involved on campus to changing a major. Any transfer students interested in connecting with a transfer student mentor may contact Dr. Kim Allen Stuck, assistant vice president of student success and support, at kallen@sju.edu.

    3. Hawk Central

    Located just around the corner from the advising center, Hawk Central to go for questions about financial aid. I’ve personally gone there m
    ore than once to ask about costs associated with the additional time I’ll need to complete my degree, and I’ve found the counselors there to be especially knowledgeable about transfer student-specific financial aid concerns

    4. Transfer Student Orientation is held at the beginning of every semester and is designed to help new transfer students take advantage of the academic, social, and extracurricular opportunities at SJU. Activities are held all week and range from traditional information sessions regarding the university’s academic programs to a dinner at the Landmark Americana with other students in your transfer cohort. Even if you can’t make it to orientation for whatever reason, you should still try reaching out to transfer mentors and orientation coordinators for upcoming activity fairs and other “get involved” opportunities held during the first week of classes.

  2. 5. The Center for International Programs

    With their already packed semester schedules, some transfer students believe that studying abroad would delay graduation. Luckily, the Center for International Programs at SJU offers step-by-step advising with consideration given to a student’s major, study abroad program interests, and target graduation date. The CIP’s staff can help you choose a program from SJU’s many offerings abroad (you can also utilize the program search function on their website), as well as answer any questions you have regarding available scholarships and funding. If you’re interested in studying abroad, contact the CIP directly to arrange an advising appointment.

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