Here at Saint Joseph’s University, the majority of the student body belongs to the Haub School of Business.

However, recently Haub students have been picking up alternative minors in the different schools on campus. One of the most popular major/minor pairings is Marketing and Communications.

Photo by Gabriella D’Agostino

Here are 4 Reasons Why:

1) Talk the Talk

Effectively communicate through the use of different mediums- social media, print, audio, etc. For example, having to learn how to utilize these mediums to present your message in the best way.

2) Be Your Own Brand

You can gain important professional and creative skills to showcase your unique talents, and build your own image! Create a brand that is authentically your own, and sets you apart from others.

3) Capture Your Vision

Learn how to capture your vision using photography, audio, production tools, and storytelling through intentionally utilizing filming techniques.

4) Write for Your Audience

Know your audience, know your message, and how you are going to convey it to them.

Photo by Gabriella D’Agostino

Being a Communications minor will give you new perspectives on the world around you. The minor allows you to gain important skills to connect and communicate with others in all aspects of your life. A main goal of Marketing is to understand the consumer, while Communications helps the marketer to reach their market.

To gain more information about becoming a Communications Minor as a Marketing Major, utilize these resources on campus: Career Development Center, Haub Advising Center, and College of Arts and Sciences Advising Center.

If you want to learn more about the other majors that SJU has to offer- Check out this Hawkchill article!

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