The Legacy of Mark Dombroski

“He always gave you a hand shake. He was a hell of a guy like that.” –Daniel Matranga

Mark Dombroski is one of those genuine teammates that turn into family. His leadership, athleticism, and infectious smile lifted his family, friends, teams, and community. Our days will be less brighter without Mark next to us in class or on the field, but we wish to continue spreading his passion and stories.

“He was always running at guys twice his size. Just goes to show you how you should play on the field.” –Ryan O’Neill

As a fearless rugby player, Mark truly embodied the age old saying “15 as 1”. Meaning that the 15 rugby players on the pitch must play as 1 team in order to be the best. It means the players are stronger together. It is the formation of brotherhood. Mark’s countless, selfless contributions to his Saint Joseph’s community shows that “15 as 1” is not just a moto but a lifestyle. A lifestyle that his rugby family strives to live up to.

The emotional and symbolic rugby match between Mark’s alma mater, Archmere Academy, and Saint Joseph’s Prep on Sunday, March 25th. It was a beautiful display of “15 as 1” as three communities came together to honor Mark’s legacy through the game he loved.

For many who have competed on Sweeney, Rugby represents more than just an addictive sport. We know, Mark believed this. His own jersey number, #15, also appropriately describes his commitment to “15 as 1”.

As students, professors, faculty, visitors, and clergy of Saint Joseph’s, we encourage you to attend a Men’s rugby matchCome experience, the brotherhood and family for which Mark so passionately competed.

As “15 as 1” we celebrate Mark.

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