Image by Catie Oliverio ’20

You think that you’re going to have the time of your life.  You think that you’ll grow even closer.  You think that everything is going to be all fun and games, until you actually start living with your closest friends.

Dirty dishes, no sense of privacy, missing clothes and shoes.  Now would you really expect that from your best friends?  After living with a random roommate who you may or may not have gotten along with, living with people you wanted to be around was supposed to be your saving grace.

Hannah Losa ’20, Tatum Pappas ’20, and Maria Bio ’20, are three best friends who have been sharing an apartment for only six weeks now share what it’s been like living together and some helpful tips.

Talk it out

Have an issue? Don’t just bottle it up or talk behind your roommates back.  Tatum Pappas ’20, mentions that you shouldn’t just push your issues “under the rug.”  Let your roommates know how you feel in a respectful way and you’ll be sure to reach a solution that benefits the both of you.

Sharing Items – Know your boundaries

Missing items is very common while living with people so close to you. Maria Bio ’20, says that the hardest part about living with your best friends is sharing everything.  Going to look for something and it not being there is completely frustrating.  To make living easier, set boundaries and make sure you make known what is off limits.

If you eat it, clean it

No one wants to live in a dirty, smelly apartment, for it is a pretty small space already filled with too much stuff.  Don’t expect that someone will clean up after you if you’re the one who made the mess.  Hannah Losa ’20 says “if you eat it clean it,” it’s you’re responsibility and will make your roommates much happier.

Give your roommates some space

Giving some time to yourself is essential to stress, health, and pretty much just staying sane.  This can be hard while living with 2 other people who happen to be the people you talk to the most.  This is an easy solution.  Again just make sure you are letting your roommates know how you feel and it will work out.  Also, if you need some alone time, take a step outside for a walk or head to campus for a change of location.



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