1. Food Marketing

Bloody Mary

Someone majoring in Food Marketing obviously has a passion for food. Its no wonder that they would enjoy a Bloody Mary which features ingredients that basically amount to a meal. The so called hangover cure is comprised of vodka, tomato juice, hot sauce, Worcestershire sauce, salt, pepper, celery, and a lemon wedge. With all of the new food trends surfacing, you can get pretty much get any snack on your bloody Mary on instagram.

2. International Relations and Spanish Minor


An International Relations major looking to explore a new country wants to experience the food and beverage of other cultures. They most likely studied abroad and are sour about the fact that they are back on campus. They are also salty toward tourists who do not appreciate the culture of foreign countries. What better way to appreciate a culture than the classic Margarita. It is a timeless drink that guarantees a fun evening ahead.

3. Business

Scotch on the Rocks

Only a business major can understand the stress that goes into getting that degree. After a long day of looking at numbers one needs a relaxing drink to unwind. Scotch on the Rocks is a staple drink for any experienced business man or women. But, it does come with a pre requisite; at least one wrinkle must be present in order to deserve this reward.

4. Communications


While you refresh your drink a Communications major will be refreshing their feeds for the latest trends. A Mimosa is a drink commonly seen in a Sunday brunch instagram. Students are known to be bubbly and outgoing just like the drink.

5. Chemistry

Long Island Ice Tea

Only a Chemist could understand the dangerous formula that is a Long Island Ice Tea. With its many ingredients and odd portions only someone who understands it deserves to drink it. The recipe could possibly be taught in one of the major’s many labs.

Always remember to enjoy these drinks responsibly!

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