Commuter students deal with a lot of wild things on their ways to and from campus.  Here are four of the wackiest stories we could find.




Crazy Hat Lady

Watch this video to find out what Marly Rene, a senior commuter student, has to say about her wild experience.  

Fake Physics Major 

An anonymous student tells her tale of how a girl lied about her major, and her enrollment at Saint Joseph’s University.

“A commuter claimed she was a physics major who got great internships.  Of course we all believed her, we never questioned it.  One time, we saw this professor that we knew, and asked him, ‘Oh do you know this person?’  The professor said, ‘No, I don’t.’  

After that, things start spiraling, and we’re like, ‘Wow, is this person even real?’  We keep catching her in more lies. She said she was in NASA and had brain cancer.  We had to de-friend her, because she lied.  Then, when we were about to tell her good friend the news, she confessed to lying about everything.  Since then, we haven’t seen her, and we don’t know what happened to her.”

“You want a sugar daddy?”

Another anonymous commuter explains what happened when she went home for a textbook.

“As a commuter, I have to take public transportation to and from school.  One day, I came to campus without one of my textbooks that I needed.  I decided to leave campus to get it.   I take two buses to get to and from school, so it would take 90 minutes for me to get home, get my textbook, and come back to school.  

As I’m switching busses, a gray car pulls up beside me.  The man in the car honks his horn at me, and I try to ignore it.  As soon as the light changes, the gray car follows me at the same pace I’m walking at.  I’m scared, and I’m trying not to pay attention.  Then, I stop at my bus stop, and so does the car.  The guy rolls down his window and says, ‘Are you okay?’  I don’t reply, and my bus pulls up.  

The man followed my bus home.  I ignored him, and walked away.  I passed my house, so he wouldn’t know where I live.  Then, he rolls down his window and says, ‘Do you want a sugar daddy?’  I told him no, and then he eventually drove away.”

Coo-Coos and Cars

Luis Valencia, a commuter student at Saint Joseph’s University, recounts his crazy commuter story.

“I was traveling down to school one day, and I was late.  I’m driving, and halfway through Route 1.  All of a sudden, this insane lady comes out of nowhere, being crazy.  At this point, I’m like, ‘Okay, weirdo….’  Then, she starts stripping, and speaking gibberish.  She keeps trying to hop on my car, but I’m trying to back up so she can’t.

Now, this woman is almost on top of my car.  Finally, someone let me into their lane.  BUT, THE WOMAN STARTS CHASING ME DOWN ROUTE 1.  I’m going towards school, and suddenly, a trailer loses control, and almost swerves into me!  I’m speeding and moving into the next lane.  In the end, I still got to class on time, and in one piece.”

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  1. I really enjoyed reading this and I can’t wait to hear some more spooky action that happens at hawk hill! Great Job Makiah!


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