Everyone on campus has a story to tell. But, just like any story goes, there are some that are one of a kind. For basketball star Anthony Longpre, his story comes with a unique background. 

Most people know Longpre as just another student athlete. He is a freshman member of the SJU Men’s Basketball team and extremely tall. But what many people do not know is the story of how he got to Saint Joe’s.

Three years ago, Longpre left his family and home in Montreal, Canada and moved in with a host family in Maryland.

“It was really hard leaving all my friends and family behind but I had a dream that I         really wanted to pursue”-Longpre

Other than having to be away from his family and friends, there was another problem that Anthony had to face. Longpre spoke no english at all. This language barrier was just a small feat for his determined spirit. He had a dream to play Division I basketball, and nothing was going to stop him. So, by himself he learned english.

Photo by: Canada Basketball

Anthony’s story doesn’t stop there.

This past summer, Longpre played for Canada’s national basketball team. Himself and his team went to Egypt to play in the FIBA U19 Basketball World Cup. Longpre and his team won the tournament and brought the gold medal back to their country.

“We ended up winning the gold medal which was really great,” -Longpre 


What’s next for the freshman basketball star?

He says that his expectations for this upcoming basketball season are to go undefeated at home and beat Villanova at home. His personal expectations are to be a good asset to the team and play well.

So, keep your eye out for Anthony Longpre on campus and on the court. Show him and the rest of the team your support this season.

Go Hawks!

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