Enthusiastic, hard-working, and encouraged senior at Saint Joseph’s University , Adam Mullin, majoring in History and Theology and minoring in Business Administration, got elected as the New Student Body President being part of the Execution Board at SJU. Adam enjoys running on his free time, and is currently training for the Philadelphia Marathon at the end of November. Mullin also enjoys baking, cooking, and being in the kitchen during most of his leisure. In addition, he loves to read, be outside, and going on adventures and new places with friends. After some months of finding himself and learning more about SJU, he was inspired to enhance in a student leader position with hopes of making an impact on the community. Let’s hear more about his journey here at SJU. 

Adam Mullin sharing more experiences as an SJU student and New Student Body President
by: Carolina Rodriguez

As he said, he has a big responsibility on our SJU campus community and would love that every faculty, administration, clubs and organization and on sports teams join together to be one big healthy community.

New Body President, Adam Mullins, participating on the Forum (Monday 4, 2019)
by: Julia Skalicky

Let’s create an impact, make positive changes and inspire to rise up and make a change like our Senate Superstar. Loved and admired by many, Adam Mullin is truly a superstar on campus!

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