Ever wondered how the NCAA Division 1 games are organized on Hawk Hill? Who does all the hard work that goes into the preparation, set up, and breakdown of these games? One man is in charge of all of this: Joe Delacy. He is the man behind the scenes. The Philly native grew up around SJU and followed the Hawks as they were his favourite Big5 team. DeLacy, proud SJU alumni of 1989 and his masters in 2014, is the Assistant Athletic Director for facilities and daily oversees activities. He also monitors facilities needs, as well as game-day operations and the athletic equipment rooms on both campuses. We spoke to Delacy about his experiences at Saint Joe’s.

How did you get a job here at SJU?

“I was living close to campus in August of 1991 when the company I worked for left the region. I stopped by the athletics office wanting to know if they needed any part time help on weekends. The woman asked if I was responding to the ad in the newspaper. I had no idea about the ad, but I said “yes.”

Explain a typical NCAA Division 1 game day.

“Game days are the easiest since all of the other work has been completed. I emphasize to our staff that the athletics department is a marketing arm of the university. It is how many people come to know St. Joe’s. And regardless of the perfunctory nature of some of the work that is performed, it is vital to how we present ourselves to not only our own student-athletes, but to the many visitors, parents, alumni, and opponents. We take on the role of “host” quite literally, and make every constituent and visitor feel welcome to a well maintained venue for what should be a fun occasion.”


Favorite moments over the years?

“My favorite moments involve the people I work with, when we can share a laugh or have a heart-to-heart talk. A lot of students have worked with me over the past couple decades and it is tremendous to see them again after so many years. I’m still in touch with quite a few, and have been invited to a couple weddings.”

What is special to you about your job at SJU?                                                      

“What I truly enjoy is the autonomy in which I can perform my work. I have high standards for myself and try to engage our staff to the same. I am fully aware of the present and future needs of this department, and try to perform with consideration and foresight for all constituents concerned.”

Generally, crowds look past the little things, like a game set-up and the preparation that goes into it. It is important to remember that things don’t just happen or appear by themselves. DeLacy knows that for sure because he is always the person people call if something goes wrong. Never worry though, DeLacy will fix the problem within minutes and game-day can go back on schedule.




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