As most SJU students know, Accepted Students Day was last weekend. On April 1st and 2nd, the accepted Class of 2021 toured the dorms, received essential information such as financial aid offerings, and most likely felt like a hawk for the first time.  Accepted Students Day always seems to be a great success, but does it actually convince any students whether or not to come here?

Barbelin courtyard

I asked a few Class of 2020 students about their Accepted Students Day at Saint Joe’s, to see if it really did make or break the school for them. Contrary to a majority of students, such as Alexandra Tulaney, who had committed to SJU long before Accepted Students Day, there was still a large percentage of undecided students by the time Accepted Students Day rolled around last year. Ashleigh Walsh, freshman, claimed it was not the informational sessions that convinced her, but the atmosphere. “I saw students doing homework on the steps by the library, friends laughing on their way to Starbucks, and just genuinely happy faces all around. Yes, statistics are great, but just seeing students happy was the most comforting and convincing part of the whole experience.”

Allison Guerra, another SJU freshman, was settled on another school, but came to Accepted Students Day anyway, not expecting to get anything out of it. While on Hawk Hill, however, Allison found herself right at home. “I only really came because my parents wanted me to try and keep an open mind. Once I saw the campus, and saw real SJU students with their friends and interacting with my class, it was hard not to fall in love with this school.”


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