McShain residents preparing their room for a tour group. Credit: Taylor Cady

The notorious walk-in closets are one of the many pros the McShain Residence Hall has to offer. Along with being on the same floor as all the freshman basketball players due to the higher ceilings in the hall, there is a hidden job.

Did you know that all residents on the first floor of McShain are offered a job in the beginning of the year? What is this hidden job you’re wondering? Are there more jobs like this? Lets find out.

A Hawk Host and his tour group stopping by a McShain dorm room. Credit: Taylor Cady

McShain first floor residences are all offered via email the job of showing off their rooms to students on Hawk Tours. This is not the same as being a Hawk Host. The job is simply to show the tour groups what the inside of a McShain room looks like.

The way this works is during the Hawk Tours, the Hawk Host will text whoever is on duty and let them know if they are coming or not with a group. If they are, the student on duty will meet the group at the main entrance of McShain then lead them to their room. There they will show them their room, and talk about McShain including all of the pros and cons, the laundry room, common room, etc. Afterward, they answer any questions the tour group may have. The Hawk Host will then take the group on the rest of the tour. The student on duty may have another group in which they will repeat the process.

A prospective student observes a McShain dorm room. Credit: Taylor Cady

There are two shifts a day, 10:15a.m. to noon and 2:15 p.m. to 4 p.m.. Students are assigned to work either Monday and Wednesday or Tuesdays and Thursdays, whichever works best with your class schedule. Sometimes there are ten groups in one shift. Other days there are two. Lastly, the answer to the question everyone is wondering, yes the students do get paid. The students are paid $8.25 an hour. This could possibly be one of many hidden jobs of Saint Joseph’s University we just do not know, hence the “hidden job” title.

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