He’s the face of SJU.

Nino Aquino is a Junior here at Saint Joseph’s University and double majoring in Accounting and Business Intelligence and Analytics. Nino first found his passion for vlogging when he was 15 years old. His favorite Youtubers who got him interested in vlogging are Casey Neistat and Kara and Nate

He has brought his vlogging camera to college and has been recording “Day in the Life” vlogs on his YouTube channel since he first arrived in the fall of 2019. Most of his day is usually spent going to class, seeing friends around campus and showing off the lovely sights at Saint Joseph’s University.

His YouTube channel has over 240 subscribers and been posting since high school.

Nino Aquino- far right on billboard located on City Ave.

Nino’s favorite part about vlogging is that “he is able to document everyone’s experience at St. Joe’s.” 

The school saw how much pride Nino has for Saint Joe’s and reached out to him to create a partnership. They featured him in advertisements throughout Philadelphia. He is on a billboard located on City Avenue, and a bus near Center City.

While looking at his channel it is obvious to see that he loves Saint Joseph’s. Nino also is a Hawk Host and said he is always asked the question: “Why do you love it here?” His answer is very simple: “The culture and community.” This is because he loves that every student feels wanted and looks out for one another. 

Nino loves everything about Saint Joe’s and will be rocking the crimson and gray for the rest of his life.

Check out Nino’s Aquino’s YouTube channel!

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