Freshman year of college is a new beginning for most students and it is the best time to meet new people. Here are the 5 Types of People You Will Meet at the Beginning of Freshman Year:

  1. The Athletes

Photo taken by Carly Van Houten
  • You see them walking around campus in their warm-ups and then hitting the field/track/court later that day. Everyone wants to look like one but no one wants that kind of schedule. But they are part of the heart of our campus and we couldn’t be more proud of them.

2. The kids that speak different languages/come from outside the United States

Photo taken by Carly Van Houten
  • They always bring something cool to the table. These kids are experiencing not only college as a new lifestyle, but also the United States as a new home.
  • They leaving their comfort zone by adapting to the different weather, classes in english, etc.

3. The Messy Roommate

Photo taken by Carly Van Houten
  • We’ve all had them at least once. We love them to death but they don’t understand the concept of a vacuum, broom, folding, or any aspect of cleaning.

4. The Library Addict

Photo taken by Carly Van Houten
  • We all know them and we all want their work ethic. These are the same kids that pull all nighters at the lib year round, and then stress that they won’t get the A when they do every time.

5.The person that wants to be everyone’s best friend 

  • There’s always that one kid that wants to take college by the horns and embrace every aspect of it within the first few days of being there. These are the same people that will inevitably become best friends with the entire campus by the end of the first month at school.

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