Food Marketers are extra sweet, just the right touch of salty, and a kick spicy. Food marketing and those who choose to take the path of a food marketer oddly remain a mystery to so many students. Do we just talk about food in every class? Are we constantly eating? Do we get a bunch of free food? Keep reading if you want to unwrap these food marketing treats. 

Food Marketing Major Carolyn McGuire ’20 shows off one of her favorite snacks.

Food Marketing is a arguably the most popular major offered at SJU, so it is a bit of a surprise that many students have never had a taste of the subject. Food Marketing majors are usually foodies, either self proclaimed or Instagram worthy. We value a good meal above anything else and can spend longer in grocery stores than typical shoppers. We admire the endcaps of the aisle, the vibrant colors of the packaging, and the bakery smells as we wander the grocery store looking for our favorite products.

Students lining up to purchase some food from Doyle Banquet Hall. Several students admiring the snacks that line the checkout counter and debate whether or not to purchase.

Yes, we can talk about food for hours and that is probably because most of our classes revolve around food. It’s always a good idea to eat before class to avoid the stomach growls as we look at glorious food, restaurant, and beverage advertisements. We usually leave class hungry looking for a quick food fix. Snacking is definitely encouraged as a way to taste test the various new products. Nina Bautista ‘19 tells us, “Being a food marketing major, you not only get to eat everything, but you probably get it for free too. It is good for my wallet, but not my waistline! I can’t imagine how someone couldn’t love it though!”

Nina Bautista ’19 and fellow FMK major promoting some products from Bimbo Bakeries.

We love saying that we major in the food industry, as if it makes us some kind of expert to where to go for dinner.  As Juliette Joseph, a spirited Sophomore Food Marketing coop major loves to share, “I’m basically Wawa’s hype man bc I always know the new updates on on the franchise and their impact on the food industry.” Our parents always ask to know what the best deals currently are just as much as our friends ask us to stop sharing food trends.

While this major can be challenging at times, it definitely has it’s advantages. The biggest perk to the major is probably all of the free food. We know how to grab, hold, and stash all those free samples before they run out. My personal favorite freebees are the catered lunches from Corner Bakery or Whole Foods that are served at the FMK free period events.  The best way to any food marketers heart and head is through their stomach.

Junior FMK Major Stephanie Affatato showing off a very tasty meal.

So if you ever fun into a fellow Food marketer in Campion, give us a hello and ask how we are enjoying the food. An epic rant will most likely follow. Food marketers are the ideal blend of tangy and zesty.


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