Where would you like to go for Spring Break?

Spring Break is the most popular break amongst St. Joe’s students. Students are still enjoying the Christmas cookies from winter break; however, the new year begins and we know spring semester is about to begin. We immediately bombard our planners with upcoming assignments and exams. Before we know it, Valentine’s day has passed and we can already begin to see March on our calendars. Finally, March comes and we can see spring break ahead of us. March does not only mean spring break, but it also means midterm season. We are planning time to meet for group projects, on top of studying for a midterm for practically every class. It has felt as if the marathon has not stopped, until we take our last final, grab our bags, and become “spring breakers”!


Photo provided by SJU student, senior, Alexa Stabile. Location: Miami, Florida

“There is nothing like sitting out on the warm white sand, taking in the sun, with a refreshing drink at hand in Miami; instead of bundling up to shovel out the snow in my driveway.” – Alexa Stabile, Senior

Many SJU students decide to go on vacation for spring break, especially juniors and seniors. Upperclassmen use the time to have one last hurrah in a nice, relaxing location before all of their friends graduate and move on to full-time jobs across the country. Other students, not just juniors and seniors, might choose to go on vacation for break just because it is someplace away from home and allows them the chance to relax after a stressful midterm week. It seems as though it is a college tradition to use spring break as a time to vacation, as it is always depicted in movies and tv shows. Many SJU students chose to travel to Mexico for break. “I wanted a true spring break experience, but because I was underage I knew it had to be outside of the US. After talking with friends, Cabo just seemed like the right choice.” says junior Corey Gavin. “I used a website called juscollege.com which made it easier for me and my friends to plan a vacation together.” Vacationing for spring break is quite popular among college students because it allows them to relax with their friends and have a change of scenery from campus or from going home.

US News released their list of top “10 Best Spring Break Destinations”. This article allows their audience to view popular destinations by presenting the location with an attractive picture of the resort to engage a “spring breaker”. In addition, this article is convenient in a sense of advising potential vacationers on the best deals for hotels, flights, and activities to do at the desired destination.


“Going home is the best thing. My mom missed me so she does a lot for me when I’m home!” – Emily Bolton, Freshman

While it might seem tempting to drop everything and take a trip to paradise, most SJU students chose to use this break to head home. Freshman Emily Bolton said, “It was so relaxing to be home! I hadn’t seen a lot of my friends from home in a while so that was nice.” Other students were happy to spend time with family and even pets. Freshman Maria Ziegler says that she missed her dog the most and was excited to relax with her. Getting comfort food and home-cooked meals are a big plus of being home. Many students discussed going home with a list of “must eats,” which are restaurants or specific dishes they have to be sure to get during their stay at home. For SJU students, this list seems so important because of the general consensus of Campion dining hall being just average.

According to studybreaks.com, relaxing at home may be the best option. Going on vacation can cost a lot of money and many students are trying to save up for one reason or another. Also, many say that in the long run, staying home can be more relaxing than going away. Factoring in the time, effort, and stress of planning a trip, it is likely that you’ll be more relaxed with the comfort of home.


Photo provided by SJU student, junior, Vienna Stivala. Location: Bluefield, West Virginia

“APEX was the most amazing experience, I recommend it to anyone who is looking to gain an incredible group of friends.” – Elaina Wall, Freshman

APEX, the Appalachian Experience, is the most popular service trip on campus. This service trip is known for being life-changing, memorable, and inspiring. The APEX experience is all about solidarity. Students are placed into groups with other students who may only be a familiar face if that. In these groups, they pile into a van and head to Appalachia for a week. During this week, people really get to know each other through games, laughter, reflections, and service. Every APEX destination offers different service opportunities and different communities to join for the week.

“The best part of APEX for me was the dogs at the service site we were at. They were so cute and really acted as an icebreaker for our group and the community which was good.”

Vienna Stivala, junior,  recently went on APEX to Bluefield, West Virginia. She captured her experience and shared it with her friends and family via Facebook. You can access the video here.

If you are interested in going on APEX next year for spring break, you can click here for further information. This link will direct you to Saint Joe’s website, where it has a detailed page of information on whom to contact and how to apply, a brief video about an APEX experience, and popular question and answers.

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