As Urban Dictionary would define it, the Sunday scaries are “The feelings you have after a long week of work followed by a Saturday full of binge drinking, when Sunday hits you question your entire existence. Typically characterized by lying in bed all day and both regretting past decisions and questioning your seemingly non-existent future. Thoughts like “I’m going to die alone” and “Will I ever get a job that I actually enjoy?” consume you for the entire day while you’re battling a hangover.” Many students at Saint Joe’s link their Sunday scaries to not only regretting their previous nights but to dreading the loads of work they have to come. We all have been there and we may not all want to admit it but it’s an essential part to the average college student’s week. As you walk into a library on a Sunday afternoon all you see are stressed, hungover, exhausted faces. Let’s take a deeper look into hearing personal stories from fellow classmates here on hawk hill about their spookiest Sunday scaries story.

Brittany, 19, sophomore, marketing major: “My most vivid horrific Sunday scaries story is after a nice long night of drinking at a date party the night before. Saturday night was great, from what I was told. But also from what I was told I’ve never had so many regrets in my life. Sunday morning, I woke up in a bed that was just not too familiar and a face I could not put a name too. As I slowly and quietly tried to move out of the bed, the stranger next to me rolled over but did not wake up. I grabbed a t-shirt and sweats that I found on the floor and ran out the door. As I get outside I look down and realize I have no shoes on and about a mile walk back to my dorm. I figured since it was 8am I wouldn’t see many people. As I approach the library I see a librarian sitting right at the big desk. I walk through and she tells me I can’t go through the doors because they are broken. I explain that I live right through those doors and that I just need to get back. The librarian and I go back and forth for about 5 minutes when she suddenly stops talking and looks down and realizes I’m not wearing shoes. She then says oh you’re not wearing shoes? Rough night I assume? I embarrassingly nod my head, she then tells me I can go through but not to tell anyone she let me. I get back to my room and fall asleep for a while, a few hours later I wake up to a group message full of people telling me the events from the night before and the series of mistakes I made. I finally see I have another message from a number I don’t know it says, “hey it’s Alex we’re partners for the project we have to work on today, good thing I got your number last night. Also, I’m going to need my shirt back”.” And this is when Brittany realized she was experiencing the Sunday scaries.

Brittany laughing at her Sunday Scaries.

Julia, 20, Junior, Bio major: “Hmmm. My sophomore year I had an extreme hell week. Where on Monday and Tuesday I had a total of 2 exams, 2 essays and a quiz just within those 2 days. And the typical college student I am I waited till Sunday to pretty much do all the work and studying. Woke up at 8 am on Sunday, and was at the library till 1 am doing work. Drinking coffee throughout the entire day to stay awake and finish everything I had to do. In the end, I got it done, but it was definitely not pretty.”

Julia smiling because it is not Sunday yet.

Rachel, 20, sophomore, Com major: “So I slept over my “friends” house after going out on a Saturday and I woke up super late the next morning. I woke up and I was still wearing all my going out clothes, which was a denim skirt and a crop top. I was like oh man I gotta go because I had an assignment due for a class that Sunday night by midnight. I was super frantic and I skirted out, I had to run home in the pouring rain down city ave. My phone was dead and I didn’t have my room key, so I thought to myself ‘wow I’m really doing well’. As I got back to my room I remembered I had to go get a book for my class because I needed the connect code in order to do the assignment that was due. I stopped at the bookstore only to find out it was closed, so naturally I couldn’t do my homework so I sent an email to my teacher explaining the situation to which she responded, “a little last minute, huh?”. She was eventually understanding and she let me hand it in the next day. I ended up getting sick from running in the rain, but ya know college man.”

Rachel smiling away the pain of her past Sunday scaries stories.

           As you can see we all have our Sunday scaries, and some are ones we’d really just rather not remember. It is an essential part to the college student lifestyle. Sunday scaries beat any horror movie or scary read.


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