Jordan Sweeney is on a mission to make dance stress-free again.

Jordan Sweeney, the founder of the Hip-Hop Hawks, started the club with her older sister Taylor Sweeney. The two sisters had stopped dancing when they got to college because they felt overwhelmed with how intense the dance team was.

Jordan Sweeney in Center City, Philadelphia.

As sophomore year rolled around, Jordan wanted to do something about her current dance dilemma. So, she and her sister decided to develop a different type of dance club. One that was not so intense, or time consuming. A club that was just for people who wanted to dance and have a good, stress-free time while doing it. And so, Hip-Hop Hawks was born.                   

She opened up and answered some questions about the club itself. She started off by saying the club was open to everyone. Age, gender, or experience does not matter at all. The only thing that matters is that you have an interest in dance.

The club is planning to meet at least once a week on Friday nights. Jordan said she will be teaching basic Hip-hop moves and would like to put a routine together.  

Sweeney also plans on the group holding beginner dance classes once a month. These dance classes would be designed for people who are completely new to dance, and have never tried it before, giving them a comfortable and accepting place to express themselves.

Jordan Sweeney in Washington D.C.

Though the club is only starting off with Hip-hop, Sweeney hopes that the club will evolve, with more dance styles added to the roster. So if you’re a dancer looking for a fun and stress-free place to show off your dance moves, or are just someone who wants to give dancing a try, make sure you go and check out Hip-Hop Hawks!

Photos and video provided by Jordan Sweeney.




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