Freshman Johnny Keon didn’t want just an ordinary job in college. 

“I wanted to look for an idea that was unique, but also allowed me to make money in an easy and creative way.” 

He wanted an easy and fun job that would allow him to focus on his schoolwork and let him have a social life. He looked for a problem that most people have that they don’t even realize they have.

And that’s when it hit him.

“I looked around and saw that everyone had incredibly dirty rooms.”

Johnny then bumped into a fellow student in his building’s lobby signing in to clean her friend’s room. That’s when the idea for the business was officially born. 

Johnny started with a soft opening. He sent a few guys in to clean two rooms and his customers loved it and paid Johnny handsomely.

Johnny definitely loves to hear praises, but he notes that criticisms is more important to him because it helps him see things from a different perspective. 

Screenshot of Johnny’s Instagram Account

Johnny plans on opening hard second semester, and he wants to get his Instagram account started up over break.

Johnny’s currently based in McShain but he has traveled LaFrage and Villiger and hopes to move his business off-campus in the near future. Payment for his services vary depending on conditions, and Sunday afternoons fill up fast!

If you find yourself looking for a local and trustworthy cleaning crew after break, DM @sjuclean on Instagram

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