Here at Saint Joseph’s, everything is hawk related. Hawk Wraps, Hawk Hill, and our very own Hawk Hosts. Hawk Hosts are students that are paid to give tours and showcase our lovely school. I sat down with Senior Julia Bower, an executive board member, and Sophomore Sean Nauta to talk to them about their experiences as Hawk Hosts. When speaking to Julia and Sean, never once did they mention the money, but instead only talked about how much they love their school and how they enjoy showing everyone why Saint Joe’s is the best school there is.

Senior Julia Bower is one of the many Hawk Hosts, and is also a member of the Executive Board (Photo by Nick Shisler)

What’s Exactly Is a Hawk Host?

Hawk Hosts give tours to all prospective students and families, including Adult Learners and transfers. Not only do they give the standard tours, but they also work open house, admitted students days, and other events to help welcome people, such as scholarship events. Hawk Hosts is also  student run – with only one member of administration chaperoning the program.

Why Should I Become a Hawk Host?

When asking Julia and Sean why they became Hawk Hosts, their response was the same – because they love Saint Joseph’s. They both talked about how they wanted to show all prospective students and their families how much they love Saint Joe’s, and why they feel this way about the school.  When becoming a Hawk Host, you are able to talk about the great memories you’ve made at school, and meet new people who love SJU just as much as you do. 

How to Become a Hawk Host

The initial process for first time Hawk Hosts is pretty intensive. Students are able to start submitting their applications around November. The students on the executive board go through all the applications, and narrow down the students they want to come back for an interview. There is a group interview that lasts about a half hour.  Sometimes, there is a third round of interviews where the new applicants give mock tours of a certain part of campus. After being selected, both the new and returning Hawk Hosts help with upcoming Spring events, such as Admitted Students Day.

Why Should We Appreciate Our Hawk Hosts?

Because they’re able to do what we sometimes can’t – talk to strangers about their love for Saint Joe’s. Taking families and prospective students around SJU and sharing your experiences isn’t the easiest thing to do, so being a Hawk Host may be more challenging than you think it is. “They [prospective students] want to hear personal stories and I love to tell them about my experiences.” –Sean Nauta. The Hawk Hosts have no script to work off of, so they only have their great memories to use as dialogue. However, if you love SJU as much as they do, that’s more than enough to talk about!

Sophomore Sean Nauta enjoys being a Hawk Host, being able to share his favorite SJU memories with families and tour groups. (Photo by Nick Shisler)

So, if you’re a prospective student, know that the people giving you a tour are so inncredibly kind and genuine, and want you to experience all the great times they’ve had at SJU. And if you love Saint Joseph’s and want to share how amazing your time here has been, then maybe a Hawk Host is the job for you!


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