Dumonde “Slam” Dunkley is more than just a cool name. Slam has been on the rowing team at Saint Joseph’s University for the last 4 years. Slam comes from a family of athletes, as his dad played professional basketball in Russia, Spain, and France.

Slam wasn’t always a rower, as he ran track in high school and earned all-county honors all 4 years. Since becoming a member of the rowing team, Slam has been in some of SJU’s fastest boats and battled through multiple injuries to do so.

What Dumonde “Slam” Dunkley is All About.

As impressive as Slam’s athletic background is, he’s more than just an athlete. Slam is of Lenape and Jamaican descent, and a fierce combatant of the hate, racism, and oppression expressed against these groups in our world today.

Adjusting to college is uncomfortable as it is, but when you go to a university that is not very diverse, culture shock sets in. Slam stated that adjusting to Saint Joe’s was not easy because of the lack of diversity and that he felt like he had to tone down his character. Since then Slam has now felt comfortable enough to be himself on campus.

Slam at a rally in support of stopping climate change.

Although Slam believes it is improving, the Saint Joe’s community has a lot of work to do. The topic of diversity and social awareness should be a big part here on campus because it helps with various social issues in college and for the real world. Slam stated that social privilege will never go away because it’s in our world and it relates to genocide.

Besides stating issues with SJU and social life, one of his big interests here is that he loves being on the men’s rowing team, as he says they are very open and welcoming.

Slam’s presentation at the beginning of the year to student-athletes at SJU about social awareness and the effect of privilege.

Slam gave a presentation to all the student-athletes about how privilege affects people who don’t have it, and about social awareness.

In the presentation, Slam pointed out that America has a history rooted in genocide and slavery, and his visit to Mount Rushmore this summer was a reminder of that, a symbol of American oppression.

Slam’s main goal is to wake up the student body here, and he is on the right path to do so.

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