Ana Sulentic says that mental health is not addressed enough in sports. Hawks Minded is here to change that.

Student athletes at Saint Joseph’s University have the opportunity to join the athlete run “Hawks Minded” club where athletes around campus can express what’s going on in their lives and meet new people. We learned the many benefits of joining this club during an interview with one of its members.

The goal of “Hawks Minded” is to create a safe space where student athletes can be together and talk about how their mental health is affecting them. 

Photo by Hawks Minded

Ana Sulentic is a senior on the women’s soccer team at Saint Joe’s. Ana was asked to be on the leadership board of Hawks Minded and is glad she joined as she was able to express herself openly and make new friends.

Sulentic says that mental health is not addressed enough in sports. Athletes are constantly fighting for a spot or win. Ana says that in these situations “mental health can be seen as a weakness that could take away from your performance”.

Ana believes that coaches should talk more about mental health with their players. She said “players would be more willing to acknowledge if they are going through something if they knew their coaches would be supportive of it”. It is important for a coach to be aware of their players wellbeing and take supportive action when needed.

Student athletes can get involved with “Hawks Minded” by following the SJU Hawks Minded instagram account!

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