Saint Joseph’s University has its very own pop star and her name is Emily Bendock. 

Bendock, a sophomore Communication major, put out her first single in the seventh grade. So far, she has produced four singles, her most recent one coming out over the summer with the appropriate name “Summer Love”.


Emily Bendock deep in thought. 

Bendock is featured on Youtube, Spotify, and iTunes. Her goal is to become a pop star and sing in front of hundreds of cheering fans and aspires to be like her idol and inspiration, Ariana Grande. Bendock goes through the struggles of any aspiring artist, trying to balance developing her songwriting, singing career and her studies.

Bendock is balancing two lives, her life as a Saint Joseph’s student, and her singing career. Although her future is uncertain, she hopes to beat the odds and reach her goal of becoming a famous pop star. Average Saint Joseph’s University student by day and fabulous pop star by night. Bendock truly has the best of both worlds.


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