Deciding whether or not you want to live in Manayunk or Overbrook is a hard decision.

Manayunk may be farther but it is definitely a meeting place of college kids from universities all over Philadelphia. Overbrook is close to campus, which would definitely save people some money on gas and time to get to class.

There are a lot of factors when looking for a place to live. What is the environment like? How expensive is it? Because house-hunting season for next year is about to begin, we decided to ask people their thoughts on living in Manayunk and Overbrook.

Julia Fox ’20
“We decided to live in Overbrook because we had five girls that definitely wanted to live together and this was where we could find a house where there was enough room for all of us.”

Thomas Donnelly ‘19
“I think Manayunk is a really social environment and it’s fun living in a town with a lot of people my age. I like how accessible it is to Philly and how there’s always something to do.”

Maeve Eells ‘19
“Overbrook was just a lot more affordable and none of me or my roommates have cars so we needed to be closer to school.”

Jessica Volm ’19
“I decided to live in Manayunk because it is an escape from feeling like you’re on a campus all the time. I love everything Manayunk has to offer. It’s all very accessible.”

Michaela Finneyfrock ’19
“I chose to live in Manayunk because I love the atmosphere. From the restaurants on Main Street, to the Manayunk bridge, and the Canal running trail, there’s always something to do. It really feels like home.”


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