We’ve all heard it before: “[blank] is the hardest major at Saint Joe’s.” But is it really? Every student has a different experience based on his or her major, so it’s hard to tell if one is really “harder” than another. Here’s a good way to think about it à la Law and Order: in the higher educational system, students are represented by two separate yet equally important groups: The College of Arts and Sciences, which features labs, art projects, and creative essays, and the Haub School of Business, which features group projects, SWOT analyses, and Excel Competency. These are their stories.

Major Horror Stories


Quote on Computer

“As a comm major, you have to take a certain amount of English classes to graduate. For some reason, I thought it would be a good idea to take three English classes in one semester. Needless to say, I was pretty swamped with essays on a daily basis. However, one week, I had three essays due on the same day. An essay on sensibility, a ten page play about aliens, and a very serious research paper on animal testing. The play and the animal testing paper were both due on the same day, and I accidentally submitted the play where I was supposed to submit the research paper! And it only got worse from there. I didn’t realize what I had done until I received a confused email from my professor. I have obviously been more careful since then!”


Quote on Trashcan

“While everyone is always claiming education is one of the easiest majors, this story may make you think otherwise. As an early-education major during my freshman year, I worked in a classroom once a week with first graders. One day when I got to the school the teacher told me that many students were out due to a stomach virus going around, which is never a good sign. I was about halfway through my lesson with the children when I looked at one boy in the class and immediately knew what was about to happen. Within five seconds the boy had gotten sick all over his desk, and I, being someone who avoided the medical field solely because of my queasiness, did not react very well to the situation. I tried not to think about it and just go help the boy, but then I noticed I wasn’t feeling too well myself. I was so embarrassed because as a teacher I’m supposed to handle things like this will elegance, but instead I threw up at the sight of what had happened. Luckily, I soon found out I also had the stomach virus, so I was able to blame getting sick on that rather than my inability to be around it.”


Quote on Shoes

“It’s a known rule by all majors that you can’t wear open toed shoes in the lab. It’s ‘dangerous’ and whatnot. So one day, I was on my way to class. It was the nicest day we’d had in a while, so I threw on my Birks like any other girl would – not even thinking that I was on my way to lab. As I got closer, I remembered where I was headed. My stomach dropped. I spotted a girl and asked her what size shoe she was, and after a moment of shock she replied 7.5, and I realized I found my perfect match. After explaining how awkward this was going to be, I asked her if I could borrow her shoes for my lab. Thankfully she was super nice about it and told me not to worry because we all have bad days. This was definitely the lowest point of my entire life. Luckily, she gave me her shoes and her number so I could return her old 7.5 white converses after lab.”


Quote on Calculator

“It’s really important to remember that if you do one part of a problem incorrectly, then the whole problem ends up being incorrect. This one time I was working on a project for one of my accounting classes, and I had spent like two hours going through this huge situational question. I got to the very end, and when I checked the two totals to see if they matched, they were off by $1800. I was so confused because I just went through the final step, and I knew they should equal each other at this point. Then, I looked back toward the beginning of the problem and realized I had written $200 when it was supposed to be $2000, so all of my totals throughout the whole problem were off, and I had to go back and adjust every step until the totals matched.”

“The same thing happened when I was taking a test. I got through the whole exam and was checking things over when I saw that I made a mistake on one of the problems. Both sides were balanced, but I accidentally added an amount that should have been deducted as an expense, so the totals were higher than they were supposed to be. I checked the time and saw that I only had 4 minutes left. I scrambled back to make the adjustments and finished just in time to hand in my paper as my professor called time.”


There you have it. While many students like to think they have the hardest major, these experiences prove that no matter what you’re studying, we all have a story to tell. #HawkTalk


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