Now that the MLB offseason has dawned upon us, it’s time to turn attention to the issues the Philadelphia Phillies need to attend. There are many different aspects the Phillies can improve on this season, one concern is their all-star catcher’s contract being up. Many people view the re-signing of JT Realmuto to be an urgent matter for the Phillies, for several reasons. 

One major reason the Phillies should re-sign Realmuto is plain, obvious, and simple: he’s a great, all-around baseball player. This is not an ambiguous proclamation, his stats back up this claim. In his 192 games with the Phillies, his stats speaking for themselves, he has driven in 115 RBIs (Runs Batted In), 36 home runs, and maintained a .273% batting average. During the 2019 season, the catcher received the Silver Slugger Award, given to those who are deemed the best offensive player for their particular position. Not only does Realmuto have a spark on the offense, he is also graded as one of the best defensive catchers. His Gold Glove Award, also from the 2019 season, given to those who excel the most in their respective fielding position. To cap off his all-around talent, again in the 2019 season, JT Realmuto represented the Phillies at the All Star game. 

Deeper than his baseball abilities, there are other factors that must be brought into consideration when discussing re-signing JT Realmuto. Back in February 2019, the transaction was completed to trade Realmuto to the Phillies, who came from the Marlins. The Phillies gave up $250,000, Jorge Alfaro, Will Stewart, and most importantly, Sixto Sanchez. Sanchez, a right-handed pitcher, was judged to be an elite prospect, ultimately leading to a loss for the Phillies. However, the capabilities of Realmuto made up for the loss, but what will compensate if Realmuto fails to be re-signed? 

Realmuto’s leadership skills are hard to ignore. He is a strong leader which is easy to spot. A successful team runs deeper than athletic skills, you need strong leaders to help move the team along. The catcher is easily depicted as one of the forefront leaders, and it would be a major shrinkage to lose such a valuable player. He is a real difference maker for the team, and if he walks, there will be a clear loss seen. In addition to his leadership skills, Realmuto and franchise player Bryce Harper are very close, even off the field. Both the baseball players were seen having dinner with their wives recently in the offseason. Harper even posted an Instagram photo to look back on the season, and has said numerous times Realmuto needs to be the Phillies’ catcher in the upcoming season. 

Photo Credit: @bryceharper3 on Instagram

Despite the desire for a Realmuto re-signing, some may claim the Phillies are unable to do so due to the loss in revenue because of the pandemic. Some may also say they should prioritize upgrading their bullpen over re-signing the catcher. This is not stopping the fans from avidly rooting for a JT Realmuto re-signing, along with a few members of his team. Fans are strongly encouraging John Middleton to pay Realmuto the big bucks. Will Realmuto be paid, or will Andrew Knapp step up from backup catcher to starting catcher next season? 

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