Jeffree Star: Changing the Makeup Game


Since Jeffree Star started Jeffree Star Cosmetics, his brand has been changing the makeup game for everyone. Jeffree started off with his amazing liquid lipsticks that came in a bunch of different crazy colors and now has broken his own website with an amazing eyeshadow palette that he made with YouTuber Shane Dawson. Jeffree Star came from nothing and built his makeup empire all on his own. He puts blood, sweat, and tears into everything he makes and puts on Jeffree Star Cosmetics.

Unlike other beauty gurus who have their own makeup line, Jeffree addresses any problems that his customers have immediately. Recently Jeffree refunded every single person who ordered a mini holiday mystery box because they all thought they were supposed to receive one mystery cosmetic item instead of just stickers. He also refunded everyone who was supposed to receive the exclusive Peppermint Frost highlighter palette but didn’t due to a mistake by one of his packaging employees. This, to me, is amazing because it shows you the kind of person Jeffree really is and shows you how much he cares about his brand and how others see it. 

Taken from Poshmark

A problem that many people come across when trying to buy and pick products from Jeffree Star Cosmetics is: “can I use this for my everyday makeup?”. As a consumer who has bought many things off of Jeffree Star Cosmetics, I can say yes. While many things Jeffree puts out seem unwearable, there is still a lot that can be wearable if you use some of the products in a different way. But there are also just many great products he has that a lot of people overlook because of the “crazy colors” when in fact they are pretty tame. 

A palette I’m sure many have considered buying but haven’t is Blood Sugar, because of all the reds and pinks in the palette. But you don’t have to use the eyeshadow on your eyes necessarily. You can use the reds and pinks on your cheeks for blush and even use some of the shimmer eyeshadows as highlighters. As someone who owns this palette, I can say it is one of my go-to palettes. There are so many amazing colors and they are all so creamy and blendable. All of the eyeshadows in this palette apply so smoothly. Also, the packaging just makes it all worth it on its own. It is so unique and different from any palette I own and I love it for that. It is also awesome for travel because it is so sturdy- meaning you don’t have to worry about the palette breaking.

Taken from Jeffree Star’s website

Another amazing product that many might be hesitant towards is Skin Frost in the shade Ice Cold. At first, it just seems like something that might be too light for people with different skin tones, but once again it can be used in other ways. You could use this Skin Frost to highlight the inner corner of your eye or have it be a shimmer shade on your eye or wear it under your brow bone for that extra pop. The product is also very creamy and buildable. If you use a little at a time rather than packing it on, you can build it to fit what you want and to fit your skin tone. 

Taken from Jeffree Star’s website

One final product that I think many might stray away from is the liquid lipstick in the shade Celebrity Skin. On Jeffree’s website, the color looks a lot darker than it actually is. In reality, I think it is a shade that is suitable for everyone. As someone with lighter skin, I think this is one of the best nude liquid lipsticks ever. It makes my every day look complete. Jeffree’s liquid lipstick formula is the best I’ve ever tried. Compared to other liquid lipsticks, Jeffree’s does not bleed and stays on for almost all of the day. Obviously it can become faded after eating, but that happens with literally any product that is on your lips while eating. But even after reapplying, the formula doesn’t dry out my lips like other liquid lipsticks I have tried. 

Taken from Jeffree Star’s website

Overall, in my opinion, anything you buy from Jeffree Star Cosmetics will be amazing no matter what product it is. Jeffree Star works so hard to give us reasonable prices for products with stunning packaging and high-quality ingredients all while being 100% vegan and cruelty-free. So, if you are on the edge about purchasing from Jeffree Star Cosmetics, I can wholeheartedly tell you that no matter what you will receive a great product.