Alex Hartman is a junior at Saint Joseph’s University from Hamburg, Germany and is a part of the men’s soccer team at school. When Alex was asked the question on if college is worth it, he said absolutely, but it is not worth it for everyone.

College allowed him to live in a whole different country while playing the sport he loves. For Alex, college is a place to come to and try and learn what you want to do for your future career and a place to make mistakes. Alex knows that college is not worth it for everyone, whether it be for lack of opportunities or financial reasons.

When speaking on these issues Alex believes that you should do what is best for yourself. People put such emphasis on following the standard of going to college without even thinking if it is really worth it for them.

Caitlin O’Connor is a sophomore Food Marketing Major at Saint Joseph’s University. She transferred from Drew University to SJU after her first year at college because she wanted to focus more on her studies and on her future, rather than simply attending college to play a sport.

She played basketball at Drew University and, while she loved it, she realized that it wasn’t making college worthwhile for her.

It wasn’t taking her somewhere she wanted to go. She transferred to SJU becuase it is one of the few schools in the nation to offer Food Marketing as a major, and because of SJU’s excellent co-op program.

College is worth it becasue she was able to discover a place that offered her financial aid, as well as various academic and career opportunities, that make attending college worth her time, effort, and money.

Aña Dzunova is a junior Business Intelligence and Analytics major from New Jersey. Some of the organizations she is apart of on campus the American Marketing Association and a Residential Assistant.

She felt pressured by her parents but also by her growing soccer career to attend college.

With a injury plagued freshman season, she decided to step away from the sport her sophomore year. It was a challenging time for Aña as the adjustment led her to wanting to transfer. Through her love of Saint Joseph’s University and her determination to secure a good job, she persisted, got involved one campus and does not regret her decision in attending college. 

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