Inside the World of LiMM


When you think of a rapper and their career, you often don’t hear of a whole lot of educational background. Many rappers find themselves learning more about how to succeed in their career instead of furthering their education in school. Alim-Karim Kamara, known professionally as LiMM, has spent the last 2 years morphing his education and rapping career into one heck of a college experience. From opening for Mac Miller in Spring of 2017, to getting his own gigs in the Fall of 2017, LiMM is only just starting his career both in the classrooms here at SJU and on stage in the Philadelphia area.

We had the pleasure of sitting down with LiMM this past week, not only did he did he give us a little behind the scenes but he also gave us some inside scoop about what’s next for him.

LiMM says that education comes first and his degree in communications will guide his on-going path deeper into the industry.

Clearly its no easy task building your career while still in school but be sure to catch LiMM around campus, on his social media ( and his soundcloud ( and maybe one day we’ll be front row at his show.

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