Heading off to college is one of the biggest and most important transitions young adults face in their lifetimes. Because of this big change in how our lives are structured, many students face and go through changes in their lives during this time, whether it be a few minor changes or one or two major ones. To catch a real-life glimpse of this, we had the chance to speak and catch up with 4 students, and ask them how they have changed since coming to SJU and what the difference maker was that ignited that change.

Dominic Prego: Senior, Miami, FL, Food Marketing

“I grew up in Miami, Florida my whole life and attended an all boys school. Coming to a coed university in Philadelphia where I didn’t know a soul I had to push myself out of my comfort zone. Being far away from home and my parents I am only able to see them a few times out of the year. This change was extremely difficult for me but, it made me more independent and less reliant on others because I have to do a lot of things on my own.”

“Saint Joe’s has made me a more cultured individual and has exposed me to so many new things. Miami is so much quicker and the lifestyle is just so different I almost feel like I live two different lives. I will never forget the first time I experienced winter it was a huge shock to my system. I was no longer 2 minutes from the beach and I had no winter clothing”.

Amanda Niedzwiecki: Junior, Warren NJ, BI&A and Marketing

“Since coming to SJU I have become much more independent. I have a twin sister who I’ve grown up doing everything with. We both rely on one another but ended up at different schools. I had to learn how to do things without her. She has always been my safety net so coming to SJU without that was hard at first. I have become more independent and have found my own safety net here at SJU”.

“I came from a very small HS. So coming to SJU was a huge change for me. My graduating class consisted of about 200 students and did not have that many activities to join. SJU has a long list of clubs and activities that I found really cool. I also came to SJU and joined the sorority Tri Sigma which is where I met all my friends and made me feel like I was a part of the SJU community.”

Quinn Maguire: Freshmen, Newtown Square PA, Psychology

“My biggest change from high school is definitely living on my own, having my own experiences, and living independent. It’s a complete lifestyle change coming to college, and I think it is helping me mature as it goes.”

Quinn also is a star player on the SJU Women’s Field Hockey team as a freshman. She has a similar excitement for the team that she has for this new chapter in her life. “It’s definitely a lot more intense in college than it was in high school.” she said. “It’s a lot more time consuming, for away games especially, having to travel all over the place. You have to try to balance school work, sports, and having a social life.”

Tatum Pappas: Sophomore, Roseland, NJ, Finance and Leadership Ethics Organization 

“Since I’ve been at SJU I’ve definitely changed a lot. Physically the freshman 15 was real but mentally has been the most change. I am surrounded by a community focused on a mission to live greater and I see that in myself. I love being surrounded by people who have a love for education but at the same time truly care for one another. The biggest difference for me has been not living with my twin 24/7. She has been by my side through everything, good and bad, so it is definitely weird not being with her and living up our college years together. At SJU, I am a Red Shirt orientation leader, Net Impact, Tri Sigma Sorority, Deans Leadership Program, and other clubs to name a few. I was not very involved in high school so when I came to SJU I really wanted to take advantage of all the opportunities offered. Honestly, all that I have done here has shaped me into a better person”.


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