Caroline Eisenberg knows first-hand what it’s like to struggle with mental health while being a full-time student. 

“My world was flipped upside down,” Caroline said.

Caroline tragically lost her father to an accident during her sophomore year of college. She had to deal with this unimaginable tragedy while still trying to maintain her college life. Caroline explained that her powerful support system and family relationships healed her during her grieving.

She struggled with feelings of loneliness and found it hard to find people who also suffered through losses. Sharing photos of her dad on Instagram became a way for other people going through similar situations to reach out to her and talk with one another about their individual experiences with loss. 

“It was crazy because everyone that would tell me these stories that were these very happy people who you would never know had been through something like that,” she said.

Caroline realized she wanted to give people a space where they could share their stories about their life experiences. She decided to start her podcast “Hate to feel it, Love to Heal it” as a space where people could come and discuss their hardships and give listeners advice about how to cope with these situations. 

“The podcast is centered around healing and growth. I like to spend the first 15 minutes on the background of the story and then the next 15 minutes to be about where they are now,” Caroline said.

The podcast is still relatively new with only two episodes posted but she plans on continuing to grow it as she talks with more people about their stories. It’s currently on Soundcloud but Caroline is planning on putting it on Apple Podcasts and Spotify as soon as she can.

You can click here if you would like to join Caroline in sharing your own story. You may also choose to remain anonymous.

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