This week, we had the opportunity of interviewing Sigma Sigma Sigma President Cailyn Kiewe. She was able to provide insight on how Sororities are running their chapters in COVID-19 times. Restructuring things such as recruitment and philanthropical events and gatherings is difficult, but Cailyn and the rest of the girls in Tri-Sigma are still very excited for the year to come!

Sigma Sigma Sigma President Cailyn Kiewe.

Q: How are things going being virtual as a chapter so far?

A: “Obviously with COVID things have been different for everyone, but we have quickly gotten comfortable with zoom and keeping our connections tight, even if we can’t be together physically.”

Recruitment Information meeting held via Zoom.

Q: What types of things are you doing to keep members engaged? 

A: “We have tried to keep things as normal as possible.  We have weekly chapters, we encourage people to zoom or spend time-in socially distant ways- with their bigs or littles and do virtual sisterhood events. We’ve also been keeping sisters engaged via social media to see what everyone is up to!”

Q: Have you had any events in person since the start of the pandemic?

A: “We were lucky enough to host our annual Run for Robbie philanthropy event this year- even though it was a little different with COVID.  Instead of doing one big run/walk we split it up into 3 smaller ones so that we could do it in smaller, safer groups.  At the event we had raffles, snacks, a DJ and lots of SIGMA fun! Despite things being different, it was still a huge success and our whole chapter was so happy to be a part of it!”

COVID safe Run for Robbie philanthropy event.

Q: How has Saint Joseph’s panhellenic helped you through the pandemic?

A: “SJU Panhel has been so supportive to all of greek life through all of this.  They have continuously emphasized their support for all of us being a super helpful resource.  I am so grateful for all of my fellow greek presidents as well who have been an amazing support system for me during these unsure times.”

Q: What has your recruitment head been doing to prepare for recruitment and get girls intrigued to join?

A: “In preparation for recruitment, our Recruitment director (Lauren Bello) has done an amazing job in preparing for virtual recruitment.  She has been working on envisioning what we want that to look like for Sigma and how we can showcase our passion for our sorority, even if it’s through zoom.  We will be practicing with technology and making sure that our chapter feels confident going into recruitment in January. I have confidence that our passion for Sigma is contagious and my sisters and I are so excited to meet all of these incredible PNMS in January.”

Sigma Sigma Sigma girls during recruitment last year.

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