It’s your freshman year, you’re still deciding what you “want to be when you grow up”. Suddenly it’s second semester sophomore year and you need to declare your major. What you decide you want to do seems perfect and all, besides the fact that the college you go to does not have your major. When I first heard of this my initial thought was, why choose a school that does not have your major but, I later realized in some circumstances people do not have any idea what they want to be when they go to school, honestly I was that person luckily I picked a major that Saint Joseph’s has.

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At Saint Joseph’s University, nursing and pre med are the two majors I have heard the most complaining about with not having the major. These majors have to take IHS and the IHS major requires more specifically, the nursing students to take classes that they do not actually need. I regularly hear from my friends who are nursing majors “I hate bio”.

My friend, a nursing major said going to a school without your major is difficult and at times a little frustrating. The fact that she definitely has to go thru more schooling after Saint Joseph’s was at first hard to grasp but, it’s two years and Saint Joes usually does a great job getting these students connected with great nursing programs.

The most frustrating part for now at least, is when the classes required for you to take, you do not need if you just had a nursing program but, she loves the school and being close to home so once she is finished with biology the IHS major should not be as difficult.

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