Interview by Noah Tincher

When faced with hard times or a major setback it is easy to simply give up or abandon your goals, but junior Adam Fine decided to use his setback as an opportunity to find some of his new passions in life. Adam Fine is a student baseball player who played for the Edenton Steamers as a part of the Premier Collegiate League, but unfortunately he got hurt this past summer so he could not be a player in the game. Instead of abandoning baseball entirely however he sought out a position as an intern announcer instead. He didn’t let his injury get in the way of his love for the game of baseball, and in acting as an announcer he found a new aspect of the game to appreciate and become invested in.

Initially Fine was a business major during his freshman year, but upon taking his sports journalism class he realized that he loved the class and decided to pursue that instead as a communications major. Fine works for the Philadelphia Inquirer as a part time writer and also writes for the Hawk as well. His stories typically focus upon the men’s basketball team here at Saint Joseph’s University but he covers other sports teams as well. In his interview, Fine perhaps jokingly refers to his abilities and interest in sports journalism as “in his blood” as his father was an anchor on the Comcast Sports Network. For Fine, sports journalism is something natural for him, and his love of the games that he covers comes across in his writing. He cites the victory of SJU’s field hockey team over Rutgers as one of his favorite stories he wrote. Another one of his favorites was his first-person story on his summer journey, as it was the first time he had ever written a story from his own perspective. 

Photo by Kate Maginnis

Fine stated that balancing being an athlete and a writer was quite a lot, but his passion for sports and speaking with the players is what kept him pursuing his interests. His favorite part of the process of writing is when he puts the story on paper and it’s completed. He really enjoys putting in quotes from the players in his stories as it adds a whole new perspective to his journalism. 

In terms of post-graduation goals, Fine stated that he wants to keep his options open and continue to pursue his core interests in sports and sports journalism. He emphasized his interest in continuing to write for the Inquirer and the Hawk. Regardless of where he goes, Adam Fine will continue to pursue his passions and won’t allow setbacks like his injury get in the way of his goals.

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