Evan Sternbach had no idea how important one of his Christmas gifts would become.

Evan is a junior at Saint Joseph’s University, where he is an International Business major with a Spanish and Music Industry minor. He has always had a passion for music and songwriting, so it only made sense for him to incorporate his love of music into his studies. 

It was a Christmas 2016 gift that sparked a musical interest in Evan. He got an acoustic guitar. Evan began as most musicians do: by learning how to play his new instrument. Soon enough, he started making his own songs and covering some pop hits. His youtube channel Evan Sternbach features him reinterpreting John Mayer’s “Waiting On the World to Change” and Justin Bieber, Daniel Caesar, GIVEON’s “Peaches“. 

Evan wanted to become a better artist since he got to college. He began devoting his time to singing, songwriting, and searching for studios near St. Joe’s. 

Being a student and a musician proved to be challenging. He says one of the hardest things about balancing an education and a musical career is time management. Deciding when to write music, hang with his friends, and hitting up the studio has been an obstacle for him. 

Every artist has a way of making music. Usually, Evan starts with a “solid melody” and uses lyrics inspired by his personal experiences or his friends’ experiences. His songs are relatable and tell stories. A few of his singles are “Your Song“, “Ceiling“, “Yes I Do“.

You can check out his music on YouTube, Instagram, Spotify, and Apple Music. @evansternbach.

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