Marco Bello/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

The Covid-19 pandemic has drastically changed many American’s lives. It has changed the way people live and how they do everyday tasks. Not only has it affected people, but business, small business, restaurants, and grocery stores. For grocery stores, it has changed the way they manage their goods and it has changed the way shoppers shop. The Covid-19 crisis has changed grocery shopping. 

The Coronavirus pandemic has changed the way people make decisions. “The fast spread of this disease-reported in all 50 states, The District of Columbia and four U.S. territories-has Americans pondering the short and long term effects, especially with how much of the economy is now shut down” (Supermarket News). The pandemic also affects the owners of these stores and their employees. Supermarket News writes, “Millions of jobs will be at stake as businesses figure out how to recover once the worst of the health crisis has passed” (Supermarket News). After an interview with a former Giant food store employee, he added his experiences with the pandemic and the way it affected him and his co-workers at his location. He added that a lot of employees chose to take a period of leave due to medical concerns, drastically pleading the workforce. He also added that online grocery orders skyrocketed as people were scared to go to the store. In fact, Giant was offering a higher hourly pay to those who were interested in working there. “As restrictions and social norms evolve in response to Covid-19, consumers are of course adjusting their broader behaviors, reporting to us more “at home” activities such as cooking” (Supermarket News). Because of these changes grocery store owners are trying to find ways to stay in contact with their customers in order to maintain a proper income. Many people have moved away from in person grocery shopping and instead are now doing their grocery shopping online. But, some people are still shopping in person even with the epidemic going on. Supermarket News writes, “Fewer than one in four consumers is making more online purchases, as 76% said they weren’t shopping online more frequently. Still 60% of online shoppers said that they would shop that way more frequently” (Supermarket News).  

This Covid-19 epidemic has created more ways to be safer and to take propeller precautions to avoid the spread of the virus and its effects it can have on people and families. Grocery store’s online shopping became very popular and has created more opportunities  for workers and ways to keep their workers and customers safe.

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