Whether it was freshmen orientation or senior year, we’ve all had the Campion blues. A walk to the dining hall in search of appetizing food is sadly deflated by the same bland options. With not many eateries to turn to, acceptance of the same day-old grease smell is the only alternative. Tastefully, this semester, things have changed.

As of September, Campion now greets consumers with the smiling faces of students brewing fresh, decadent coffee. The brand new Saxbys cafe offers a tasteful array of food and drink, all prepared by SJU student workers! With the excitement of this new establishment, we set out to learn more about the student employees behind the operation.

SJU junior Madison Auer shared her experience at Saxbys so far:

What is your favorite drink to make?

My favorite drink to make is the super blue smoothie. The super blue smoothie has blueberries, granola, and your choice of yogurt or any kind of milk!”

What is it like working at Saxbys?

“I love working at Saxbys because I enjoy prepping food and making drinks! It can be a little overwhelming if we have a rush of students come in during break periods, but being able to interact with students on campus makes it all worth it. Saxbys locations is convenient for students passing through campus, so I love seeing people that I would otherwise not see during the day.”

Lauren Rutt, class of 2020, also spoke about her experience:

What is your favorite part about Saxbys?

“My favorite part about Saxbys is the friendly atmosphere in the cafe. Not only does the smell of the fresh coffee and pastries make you feel cozy and welcomed as soon as you walk by, but the general attitude of the Saxbys team members makes my working experience upbeat and positive. We genuinely enjoy our jobs, which is something that I think makes a real difference in our customer service.”

What is your biggest difficulty with working at Saxbys?

“The biggest difficulty is learning how to stay diligent with studying and homework during a busy week. I might be scheduled to work the night before a big exam, and it’s my responsibility to make sure that I manage my time carefully so that I am prepared for classes and can completely focus on giving my full attention to guests while on shift.”

Overall, the students of Saxbys show their skills when it comes to coffee talk. Want a taste of the tea? Stop by Saxbys in our very own Campion on weekdays from 7 a.m. – 9 p.m. or weekends from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. to learn more about what’s brewing.

Media Source: Mariela Diaz

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