Ever wonder who’s behind the screenwriting the posts on Hawk cHill? Welcome to COM 200 section 2 and meet our 5 groups that collaborated to create these fascinating stories and posts throughout this semester!

By Peyton Drift

Kelly O’Malley (2020), Shannon Pepe (2020), Erin Saggese (2021), and Emily Bendock (2021).

As a group, our favorite aspect of working together on the Hawk cHill posts was building off one another to brainstorm creative content for the website. However, what we found to be the most challenging was generating these unique ideas every week. There were occasions where we felt as though we were truly stuck, but we made it through! By the end of this project, we believe our strongest and most interesting post was “Host Your Own Friendsgiving”, which is a perfect read for college students at the start of the holiday season.

By Peyton Drift

Lourdes Zablah (2018), Stephanie Affatato (2019), Joey Toczylowski (2019), Spencer Norris (2021)

Our group really enjoyed working together because we ended up doing half of the things that we posted about on Hawk cHill! We also were very understanding and helped each other out by covering each other’s positions if someone happened to be sick. Our favorite article was our most recent one where we turned SJU HAWKS into a pneumatic device. It really made us think about all of the different and special things that our school has to offer. The most challenging aspect of posting to Hawk cHill was getting used to formatting our work to be compatible with WordPress.

By Joey Toczylowski

Grace Rosenblatt (2019), Peyton Drift (2020), Will Blair (2019), and Joe Panichelli (2020)

As a group, our favorite part of working together on Hawk cHill was to be able to put our minds together and create a post that we felt was relevant to our peers. Each week was different whether it was coming up with a new topic or having different schedules, we managed to work together to create a unique post and help each other out. At times we felt like it was almost impossible to create a post that was not done before and still be of interest to the students but we also managed to succeed with a great idea. Our favorite article we worked together on was “Home Away from Home.” This article we believed was a perfect article for students here as a way to turn their boring dorm room into a comfortable work and living environment. Through Hawk cHill, we were able to learn all about the important elements that go into creating an interesting and appealing post that we can use in the future.

By Joey Toczylowski

Jessica Melusky (2018), Kali Pappas (2019), Maura Donnelly (2020), and Margaret Blanco (2021)

As a group, our favorite aspect of working for Hawk cHill has been having a fun outlet to express our different ideas with the student community here at Saint Joe’s. We all worked together really well and often joke about this being the best group project ever. Having open communication and generally similar interests made the project a great creative learning experience. While it is hard to pick a favorite post, we all really loved working on our skincare article. Hawk cHill has a been an overall genuinely entertaining and informative project, and we are happy to have created some new content for the site.


By Maura Donnelly

Kerri Greco (2021), Alison Tzaneteas (2021), Drew Rhoades (2020), Julia Gray (2019)

Collectively as a group, we all thought that the best part of working together was being able to count on each other for different and unique ideas and being able to bring all these ideas together as a group. We had difficulty picking just one article as our favorite, but we all seemed to enjoy producing the school and study break articles like “Organize to Prioritize” and “Ultimate Fall Break in Philly”. They were also the easiest because they related so much to ourselves and what we were going through at the time. Ultimately, working as a group on these articles, we were able to learn from each other and help each other from week to week and that made the project that much more enjoyable.

We’ve loved writing and creating content for Hawk cHill and we can’t wait to see what will be on the site next semester!




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