Being a student at SJU means, amongst other things, meeting new people everyday. But one thing we never quite notice is the faces we see every single day and know nothing about. The people who make us our meals three times a day, and always tell us to have a good day with warm smiles are people too. One thing we should all ask ourselves is: do we really know what’s beyond the apron? The common answer will be no, but lucky for you we’re here to tell you. It’s a good thing you’re reading this because you are about to get to know the people you see everyday via an untraditional interview with three very loyal members of the SJU Dining staff!


The Interview

1.If you could be any country which one would you be and why?


Kim: “The united states of course!”

Keith: “Well the US has florida, so definitely the US.”


Alana: “Definitely the US.”


  1. If you could be any animal which one would you be ?

Kim: “A cat.”

Keith:(laughs) “A cheetah.”


Alana: “A bird so I can fly.”


  1. How long have you worked here?

Kim: “5 years.”

Keith: “6 years.”


Alana: “12 years”


  1.  Why work at SJU?

Kim: “I love the students here, they make it fun.”

Keith: “It’s just a good place to work.”


Alana: “It’s convenient for me (the school’s location). I’m able to get my kids schooling as well.”


  1. Favorite thing on the menu?

Kim: “The veggie burgers! Most people don’t even know that we have them.”

Keith: “The cheesesteaks. ”


Alana: “The cheeseburgers!”


  1. Favorite subject while you were in school?

Kim: “English.”

Keith: “Lunch!”


Alana: “English, I loved it.”


  1. What is one thing about you that most people don’t know?

Kim: “I’m lovable, very lovable.”

Keith: “Yea! Me too. I’m lovable.”


Alana: “I’m a big Eagles fan, most people don’t expect that from me.”


Well it’s safe to say that we can all look at three of the SJU Dining staff members a little differently. It’s important to keep in mind that we should all try to see what’s beyond the apron and get to know the people who give us so much of what we all love, food. While doing this we learned that even though it may seem like a waste of time or too much work, we should all smile a little warmer and tell others to have good days as well. So, one last question: did you really know the people beyond the apron?


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