Toliver Freeman is a senior basketball player and biology major at St. Joe’s who walked on to the men’s team after try-outs his freshman year.

Although Toliver Freeman was not recruited by any D1 basketball programs during his time at Catholic High School, he always knew he wanted to take his basketball talents with him to college.

Freeman said that walking onto the basketball team was very challenging for him, but it made his transition to college a lot easier in the long run. The tight, grueling schedule of a student athlete at an Atlantic 10 college made it certain that he stayed on track with his studies and priorities during his first year at St. Joe’s.

“With my schedule there is no lolly-gagging. You just have to do your work early so that nothing piles up all at once,” Freeman said. 

Freeman is far from home, his roots stemming from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He is a very independent individual, so he does not have a lot of trouble being far from home. He misses his family, but he always knows that they are just a phone call away, and he has the means to get home if he needs to.

Freeman was named to the Atlantic 10 Commissioner’s Honor Roll, and he connects this achievement back with the schedule of a student athlete. “There are 24 hours in a day, and you have to make use of all of them,” Freeman said.

After 3 years of dedication to the St. Joe’s men’s basketball team, he eventually earned a full scholarship to the university, which Freeman knows will help him out later in life. After graduation, he will study at medical school to become a physician.

“Like walking onto the basketball team here, I will have to work my way up from the bottom in medicine as well,” Freeman said.

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