A Young Hawk Flies High – Casey Clemetsen


What is it like to be part of a start up company? Casey Clemetsen, a current freshman at Saint Joseph’s University gives us the inside scope for what it is like to be a photographer for PHL Media Management.

Barbelin Tower by Casey Clemetsen

PHL Media Management was started by a recent graduate from Saint Joseph’s Preparatory School, LJ Troilo. PHL Media Management works to connect businesses, in the Philadelphia area, to their target demographics through social media. Clemetsen was able to become part of PHL Media Management through her older sister. Clemetsen’s older sister, who works as a college guidance counselor at Saint Joseph’s Prep, knew Trolio. Last year, Clemetsen’s sister mentioned to Trolio how her sister was a good photographer and Clemetsen and Trolio later got into contact.

PHL Media Management Instagram Profile

Clemesten is now about to have control over Instagram and help put whatever she wants on PHL Media Management. When asked what is her favorite part of work her PHL Media Management she responded “Being able to go into Philly for a reason. Okay, let me go into Philly and take pictures for PHL Media, for a purpose”.

Eastern State Penitentiary by Casey Clemetsen

What to find out more information about PHL Media Management and Casey Clemetsen? Watch the video below!

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