It takes 19 hours to get from Auckland, New Zealand to Philadelphia.

The flight costs $2,600.

But just like every goalie in America, this couldn’t stop Tonya Botherway.

Courtesy of Tonya Botherway

Tonya is a freshman forward on the field hockey team and leads them in goals scored.  She has 17 goals on the year which is good enough for fourth in the entire country.

She isn’t just a field hockey player, though. Tonya is a sports marketing major and came to SJU because it’s a top-level field hockey program and it will set her up to be successful when her field hockey career is over.

Courtesy of Tonya Botherway

The transition from life in New Zealand hasn’t been too difficult for her because she has a bunch of friends from home playing field hockey for different schools. This coupled with her being a member of the team here has allowed her to flourish in an unfamiliar place.

On the field, she plays striker which is supposed to finish and score goals. . . so, it’s safe to say she plays her position pretty well.

Courtesy of Tonya Botherway



Tonya has big plans for her next four years here, but up first: the A10 championship coming up this weekend.


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