Bad Boys For Life is a movie where you will see a car get blown up and people getting shot everywhere but yet the leading actor Will Smith (Mike Lowery) still has time to make a joke that will make you fall out of  your seat. The mix between the action pack shootouts plus car chases with Will Smith and Martin Lawerence humor makes this movie a great movie for people looking for both genres. The duo between these two in the movie go hand to hand and mesh very well together. Although, the in and out fling of Martin Lawerences character going in and out of retirement got a little messy it still did kind of go with the flow of the whole plot. The comedy between the characters when in a serious situation really catches you off guard but yet that’s what makes this movie a great movie. I wouldn’t recommend this movie for the family but I definitely would say if you were with a couple friends or a significant other, this can be a very good movie to have a good laugh while seeing an amazing story. The actors are top class and the cinematics are on point, the director of this movie definitely knew what he was doing and developed the story into a really touching plot. You will be surprised by all the different turns  this movie takes as well as when many shocking things happen to characters. Overall, I think this movie is good to see if you have nothing else to watch, it’s a good solid showing. It will definitely leave you satisfied and you thinking of could something else happen? Definitely worth the money and invests you deeply with the characters. Almost as if you are experiencing these things with them.

Will Smith (left) | Martin Lawerence (right)