Good Boys is a 2019 American comedy starring young actors, Jacob Tremblay, Keith L. Williams and Brady Noon. The movie was released by Universal Pictures in August of 2019 and directed by Gene Stupnitsky, who is known for his dry humor shows and movies. His works include The Office, Bad Teacher, Year One and Hello Ladies. Good Boys is a rated R film that involves three sixth grade boys on a quest to attend a “kissing party” hosted by a classmate. The boys are in need of learning how to kiss and decide to use one of the characters, Max, dads’ drone to spy on two teenage girl neighbors. Those teenage girl neighbors catch the boys spying and give the boys a run for their money as they try and get the drone back. The girls soon realize the boys took their purse that contained not only their phone but also their drugs. The three boys and teenage girls spend the day trying to get their belongings back from one another before the kissing party starts. 

This movie gives a realistic view of middle school kids along with teenage girls and what their reality is like. Stupnitsky took a page out a sixth graders real life problems and turned it into a honest movie. Good Boys kept my friends and I laughing the entire time. Though this movie may not reach kids younger than age sixteen, it reaches everyone else. Any person with a good sense of humor and middle school experience can relate to this movie and find the adventures of the boys pure and realistic. The humor of the films comes from the sense of the people saying the humor; twelve-year-old boys. The entire film is derived from their outrageous situations and how they handle and go about them. Each situation the boys are put in leads them into the next one, making the film flow efficiently.

 The movie also has a sense of innocence since the actors are not ones who are very well known. Personally, I thought that this made the movie even better since it was not predictable. The boys themselves try and be as bad as they can be in order to obtain this drone which makes their sweet and innocent twelve-year-old selves come out in funny ways. The chemisty between the three young boys can not be matched, and I don’t think any other young actors could have done as well of a job as these three did. Good Boys takes the viewer back to their young, innocent and reckless days where the only thing that mattered was being invited to a kissing party and attending it at any given costs. The film shows humor and true friendship at a young age. Good Boys is by far my favorite movie of the year and I would not put it past Stupnitsky to make another great comedy soon.